Lip Make-up Trends 2022

Just around two years ago, wearing masks became mandatory, and by now, it has almost sneaked into our minds as a normal part of everyday life. Lip products had to adapt to the circumstances at that time and, above all, not rub off and be long-lasting.

Lipgloss and co. were since then no longer worn to show off to the masses but to please oneself. That's changing this year, as make-up junkies celebrate their new freedom with lots of colors and unusual shapes. Wearers are also becoming more experimental when it comes to application styles.

From left to right:
أحمر شفاه بدون لمعه (artio) / Lipstick Pearl (LCP 609) / أحمر شفاه بدون لمعه (luna) / أحمر الشفاة الشفاف (scarlett)

Follow your senses: the trend colors

Natural colors are in. However, this doesn't mean that you should only go for beige or brown tones. Even in nature, you will find many nuances such as (pastel) reds or even blue tones. Let yourself be inspired by gemstone colors that conjure up a futuristic touch on your lips. In combination with glosses, the colors reflect light and make the lips look pearlescent. Don't draw too accurately because the more different colors you use, the better the look will appear even after you take off your mask.

As an alternative to pastel shades, this year's motto is: make statements. Orange and green, or even both in combination, are no longer a rarity. Or try orange and violet for a more futuristic look. Buttery consistencies, which finally conjure up a satin finish, are one of the top textures in 2022. Always keep it a little "smudgy", because, as we said, accurately drawn lines are mainly out.

From left to right:
Lipstick Pearl (LCP 738) / Lipstick Pearl (LCP 629) / أحمر شفاه بدون لمعه (eos)

This year, we're also saying hello again to light nude shades wrapped in hints of color. A soft lavender, for example, looks particularly good with a matt effect. To apply lipstick and co. in a smudge-proof way, use a sponge (or your fingers if done on you personally) as an alternative to brushes.

The color blue is also inspired by nature. Sea blue on the lips in combination with black for a certain depth gives you coolness. Experiment with paper, melting, and fake fur effects.

Virtual reality is now becoming reality

From left to right:
أحمر شفاه بدون لمعه (eos) / أحمر شفاه بدون لمعه (nike) / أحمر الشفاة الشفاف (audrey)

Virtual reality is no longer a vision of the future but is taking an important part of the present - at least in terms of make-up. Combine strong reds with tones like pink or orange to give a nudge to the digital world. Also, dare to think (or, as we said, draw) outside the box. Color blocking at festivals and events is still THE hit in 2022. While last year's eye looks in bold style was the trend, this year it's all about lips.