Blush Trends 2022

What do this year's Blush Trends 2022 look like? We'll tell you so that on the next big occasion you definitely won't blush.

Masks have changed the way we wear blush

Corona will remain an important part of everyday life in 2022. And as trends adapt to our lifestyles, wearing masks will continue to influence the beauty world. That doesn't stop us from wearing blush, however. In fact, instead of abandoning the product altogether, the application is simply adapted to the circumstances. Standard applications or traditional colors are so pre-pandemic. Now everything has been punched up a notch. Rouge applied up to the temples is THE trend par excellence in 2022. Here, the product simply peeks out of any mask, making it super visible.

Statement blush

Statement blush, in addition to placing the blush in previously described unusual places, also means an extravagant choice of colors. Purple, orange, or a rich pink are no longer anything out of the ordinary on the catwalks of the world. The color often extends to the eyes and thus connects two parts of the face: eyes and cheeks. This looks particularly high fashion and visually pulls the face up. When applying blush, make sure to apply it where your highlighter would normally go. A small variation of the trend described above is the application of the same tones on cheeks and eyes without blending them together. This looks especially dramatic and is perfect for your next party.

Another trend is placing blush directly on the center of the cheeks. Combined with glossy lips and highlighter, this looks particularly fresh ("dewy") and girly.

Natural Blush Trend

In contrast to statement blush, the classic glow is still in trend. The focus is on looking healthy and fresh. Indeed, in the last two years, during the pandemic, many people have become concerned with health, sustainability, and well-being. These goals have affected buying, eating, and even make-up behavior. When it comes to the complexion, a healthy glow means having shiny, sun-kissed skin in rich, warm tones. Try orange instead of brown or pink instead of red.

Texture and Finish

Creamy products or even liquid textures that create a "dewy" finish are essential this season. In combination with iridescent highlighters, a strong contrast is created to rather matt overall contours. Especially with current trends like the Bouncing Blush, it is important to resort to creamy products. This creates a particularly natural blush that shines from within. Before application, the blush is applied to the palms and slightly warmed by rubbing them against each other. Each hand serves the corresponding cheek when being applied. The trick is that the palms of the hands fit "perfectly" on the cheekbones of the corresponding person. The result is a particularly natural-looking application and a fresh glow.

The two major blush trends in 2022 could not be more opposite. However, they have one thing in common: the urge to use bold colors and thus express something deeper. A mood, a state of mind, an urge.