Make-up hacks with blush

When it comes to blush, don't be in a rush! Even the smallest changes in the application can make your face look completely different. We reveal our MUAs' favorite blush hacks.
<h1>Viral blush hacks aren't yesterday's news</h1>
Blush is THE beauty trend in 2022. Whether it's repurposing blush into highlighter or trying to create the most natural blush possible "from within the skin". Various techniques allow you to achieve the desired application. Many viral trends about blush, such as the 2021 hit of using lipstick as a base to get that natural "healthy" skin, are actually decades-old tricks that were previously only known within make-up artist communities. Now, thanks to social media, we are all in.

Preparation is everything

First, your skin should be clean and cleansed. If your skin is very dry or oily, make-up and your blush will not last all day long. In this case, use a primer such as our Digital Complexion Primer. It helps to either mattify or moisturize the corresponding skin areas.

Foundation, in general, is the real key when applying blush, as it helps neutralize red tones on the face. This gives you the perfect canvas to place your blush, bronzer, etc., afterward and to achieve the desired look.

Blush starts in one place

Our national Head of Make-up in South Africa, Cuan, recommends always starting in the center of the cheeks and working from there towards the temple. The blush should never be closer than 2 finger widths from the nose and never more than 1 finger width from the corner of the eye. However, you can leave this rule aside if you want to create a certain high-fashion look.

Use two different shades

When our make-up artist Emilie applies blush, she always uses two shades: one rather fresher and one more saturated. The saturated color acts as a light shadow on the cheeks.

Blush as a highlighter

One of THE blush trends of 2022: apply it on the top of your cheekbones, where usually your highlighter would sit. This creates a high-fashion look that looks great at parties, special events, or in everyday life if you want an instant "lift" to your face. You can also apply your blush, so it connects through your socket line. This creates a trendy connection to your eye make-up tones. If you want an extra glossy touch, apply a bit of High Gloss to the highest part of the cheeks.

Blush to accentuate the neckline

A hint of your favorite product on the décolleté helps to achieve a more even tone and gives that certain warm glow.

Cream blush for color corrections

Cream blushers can also be effective in helping to color correct dark circles or patches on the skin. Applied underneath your concealer, the red and peachy tones replace the undertone helping the skin to look radiant and balanced.

A touch of blush on the nose

A little blush on the tip of your nose sometimes works wonders. Our make-up artist Rosie uses this trick to conjure up a youthful, sun-kissed complexion.

So, now let's go outside and celebrate the new blush hype.